Feature Ads,
Permalink Pages
and Paid Classified Directory Listings

Enhanced Presence Options on
CANORGHomeList Canada, and TransCanada Tourism 

How it Works:

1. All participants start with an annual base directory index listing that we prepare for you, normally based on a descriptive PDF document that you provide by email.  This listing is then linked to a qualified external source (Facebook, your own website, etc.).  

2. If you wish, we can host that PDF document for the year, at a simple fixed address (Permalink).  For example: canorg.com/4096.

3. If you choose the Permalink option above, we can also assemble your images, copy, online video and other links into a consistent presentation package with interactive menu-driven features.    

4. To easily increase the impact of your presence in the directory itself, we recommend upgrading to a FEATURE AD (just pennies a day, spread over the year).  A small number of these versatile featured listings are shown prominently and conveniently in a special section at the bottom of each DIVISION page, so it is an efficient way to stand out.  


Text entry on CANORG, used to link to external online resources - or a PERMALINK PAGE - for a wide range of opportunities, services or items for sale, privately and commercially.

Typically used where an extended marketing period and a multi-regional market potential is involved.

PERMALINK PAGE ($40/year):
A custom single page presentation or PDF document, linkable from one or many of our sites, with a unique web address assigned until cancelled
(eg. "Canorg.com/356" or "Canorg.com/SalishSeaBnB").  


Specialized real estate directory entry placed concurrently on regional, provincial and national sites with a common link 
(eg. "HomeListCanada.com/406").   

Private and agency property sales.

FEATURE AD ($60/site/year):

Prominently placed in context just below the corresponding category listings page on any of our 60+ sites. 

The gallery image of the ad may transform to an external video, or simply expand to its full-size equivalent. It may also be linked to an external site, or optional PERMALINK PAGE (typically a custom-formatted PDF brochure). 

FEATURE ADS or SHOWCASE VIDEOS placed on 2 or more of our sites concurrently receive a 20% discount!

SHOWCASE VIDEO ($140/site/year):
15-second clip as part of a brief (3-4 minute) presentation loop on the home page.

All placement fees are subject to GST. Development and update costs are additional, with optional in-house design and production services available for just $25/hr.


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